Clean, comfy, and convenient tatami mats for both indoor and outdoor use.

From Rush tatami mats are made from 100% sustainable Japanese igusa rush grass. Tatami mats are beloved in Japan for their warm comfort on your feet and their fresh fragrance. From Rush tatami mats are crafted in Japan and feature an understated design that matches any interior decor.

Scene #01

Living room

Use a From Rush mat like a carpet under a table, or use them to add a bit of warmth to cold, hard floors around the home. From Rush mats are made from high quality, safe 100% Japanese materials and make great places for kids or pets to curl up and take a nap.

Scene #02


From Rush mats roll up for easy transport, making them easy to take out to a picnic, a kid’s soccer game, or day at the beach. Tatami is surprisingly durable; if your mat gets dirty or wet, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and it’ll be fine.

Scene #03


From Rush mats are also a handy addition to the kitchen. Any spills can be easily wiped up without worrying about slipping like on hard linoleum or wood. Igusa also helps regulate humidity to help keep your cooking space both comfortable and stylish.

Scene #04


Tatami feels great on the feet and helps absorb unwanted odors, making it a great indoor welcome mat. Nothing beats coming home to the clean smell of igusa grass and the warm comfort of the tatami as you slip off your shoes.

Scene #05


Add a From Rush mat to your office to add a bit of comfort and relaxation to your workspace. Our From Rush mats are designed to match both Western- and Japanese-style rooms and fit in seamlessly with nearly any interior design.